Every now and again, it’s good to have a frivolous celebration of lady bits. And what better way to celebrate than dressing up as a vagina? In this, the first of many FP fashion features, Monkey brings you a selection of the finest vaginal outfits. First up, is this cosy little number from the Vagina Lady.


Vagina Lady can be seen out and about in the San Francisco area. She also makes vaginal art, which can be seen on her site.

Second, is the following lovely prom dress, recently offered for sale by internet retailers, Light in the Box. Perfect for getting yourself noticed at the High School dance. Or indeed, on any formal occasion.

(Via Craftastrophe.)

Finally, I’m sad to report that one student’s sterling efforts on the vagina-wear front ended in disaster. Christian Silbereis wore what he described as an anatomically correct vaginal costume, complete with hidden foetus t-shirt, to a school Halloween party. The costume was created by his mother, a midwife, who warned him that some people might be offended. Fellow students awarded him the prize for best costume. But staff were not amused and suspended him for two days. Sadly, there are no photos. But you can read more here.