Baffling response to pay gap in Sheffield

The goal: equalise pay between women and men, because women are being paid less. The method: reduce the pay of some of the lowest paid female workers (as well as some of the lowest paid male workers). We’re supposed to think it’s OK because some people’s pay is going up. Aaargh! I am more than a little bit appalled to see equalising pay used as a justification for this.

If you’d like to complain, you can do so here.

3 thoughts on “Baffling response to pay gap in Sheffield

  1. It isn’t clear how it was done, but it seems to involve grouping jobs together. Given you start with a lack of parity, that seems like a daft approach. It would be, it seems, easy to end up with all sorts of underpaid women together. Are they slashing the pay of the top earners in such a group? This might be Monty Python funny, except it could be for real.

  2. We have contacted Sheffield through their website, because this approach is inappropriate unacceptable.

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