10 thoughts on “The Perils of Ambiguity

  1. two things:

    *apparently john steward did an excellent bit about the
    teabaggers. i’ll try to have a look for it & post a link.

    *are you sure about (1)? i had always thought that the verb described what the dipee, if you will, was doing. so it would mean something like, ‘to take a full scrotum into one’s mouth’.

  2. Actually, elp, there’s quite a range of meanings, undoubtedly including that one. I was oversimplifying. They all involve testicles in the vicinity of a mouth, but there are lots of variants.

  3. interesting. you have expanded my understanding of the semantics of oral testicular stimulation. ah, it’s good to get a good day’s learning in! (this msnbc clip is *excellent* btw. “they’re going nuts for it”!)

  4. I have also expanded the understanding of the Jender-Parents, with whom I discussed this at breakfast. I imagine this is what the right think our breakfast chats are always like. (If only!)

  5. More edumecationalisms… ROFLMAO = rolling on the floor laughing my behind off.

  6. This is hilarious. Up there with the ‘fisting’ ambiguity. US news shows seem to excel in the domain of unintended double entendres…

  7. Love it, love it. Had not heard about the tax-protest variety living in England, so when I came across the word this week and googled it, well, you know what happened.

  8. Wow, watching that reminded me of being in 7th grade. “He said ball…HAHAHAHAHA” That contained an amazing amount of lip, dick, and ball colloquialisms! Very enjoyable.

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