First gay marriage and next it’s digital TV!

Note:  title changed in order not to encourage comments like the deleted first one.


Does that make sense?  It makes about as much sense as the conservative propaganda advert, “Gathering Storm.” 

Here’s the full parody:


Thanks to our friends at What Sorts of People, where you can also see the original.  It’s hard to tell which one is more absurd.

10 thoughts on “First gay marriage and next it’s digital TV!

  1. dcb: I have sent your bigoted comment to the spam park. Underlying your remark appears to be the belief that a sexuality links to an agenda that promotes all the forms of undesirable sex. So there’s a heterosexual agenda promotes slavery of women, child prostitution, pedophilia, rape, beastiality, murder and so on and on.

    BTW, aren’t there clubs of hetero men that encourage each other to “get some” even if ‘she’ isn’t exactly willing? Who pass around knock-out pills so they can rape with impunity?

    O dear, now I am in a bad mood.

  2. I’m in the UK. Was the original ad shown on television?! The desperate attempt of the intolerant to persuade you they are victims…

  3. yes, desperate and ever so vague! how is your church group punished? how are they taking away your choice? how how how? and the sad thing is, most people are so uncritical that they’ll just accept that these vague claims are actually ‘facts’ that are relevant to their view-formation. ick. thanks for posting, jj!

  4. JJ, what makes me bigoted? The fact that I disagree with you? Or maybe the fact that I pointed out that what you claim won’t happen, in some ways already have?
    “BTW, aren’t there clubs of hetero men that encourage each other to “get some” even if ’she’ isn’t exactly willing? Who pass around knock-out pills so they can rape with impunity?”
    Quite possibly there are, however, I would remind you that this activity is illegal, and rightfully so. The pedophilia angle through NAMBLA is also illegal, but I have never heard the “gay” community speak out against it.

  5. dcbarton, your linkage [in the deleted comment] of support for same sex marriage with a “gay agenda,” pedophilia and beastiality is beyond the pale. You seem to think of “the gay community” as some single voice; in the same way, I haven’t heard “the hetero community” speak out against all sorts of despicable practices; should I infer the support for traditional marriage is part of an agenda that includes enslaving women?

    Actually, now that I think of it…

  6. I’d also add: if you’ve never heard gay people opposing pedophilia it’s because you haven’t been listening.

  7. dcb: I’ve placed you on our spam list and so your last comment will not appear. This blog is not a forum for conspiracy theory fantasies, and I do not want to promote them by repeating them. The idea that if we feed the poor then the next step will be legalizing stealing by the poor is absurd. Similarly, the connection between gay marriage and pedophilia is absurd. Some poor do stead, and some gay men presumably are pedophile, just as some heteros are. Nonetheless, the law draws the line almost all of us recognize.

    Your view that there is a gay agenda is, I believe, probably based on a genuine fear somehow connected to sexuality, but it really is moving you to conspiracy fantasies. It is very sad that such fears and fantasies lead you and many others to think that gay people should not be allowed the same rights as heteros.

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