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It is useful once in a while to reflect on our successes and celebrate the progress that we have made. While indeed there are too many spaces that exclude women, there is also a growing(?) list of spaces that do not.

Last month I had the pleasure of participating in the third annual conference of the Association of Feminist Epistemologies, Methodologies, Metaphysics, and Science Studies (FEMMSS) which was held in conjunction with The University of South Carolina Women’s and Gender Studies Conference. The conference program is here – lots of excellent women philosophers.

FEMMSS is a relatively new organization. FEMMSS conferences feel safe to me. They are spaces where feminism, in a wide range of forms, is a starting point for discussion.

Does anyone else have suggestions of blogs, conferences, departments or what have you, where women or feminists are actively embraced?

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  1. The University of Oregon philosophy department (which has four women among the ten faculty and many female grad students) is the home of the Society for Interdisciplinary Feminist Phenomenology. Click the “links” in their menu for a good list of other organizations with congenial interests. Last year, the society hosted a Feminist Phenomenology Conference, which seemed like a comfortable environment for discussion; this year, there will be a conference on mothering.

  2. The grad students at Florida State host a conference every spring (or so) connected to their Society for Women’s Advancement in Philosophy.

    Feminist philosophers who work on science-related things (philosophy of science, certain kinds of epistemology, medical ethics, etc.) should also, I think, consider STS (`Science and technology studies’) conferences and organizations. These groups tend to be interdisciplinary, bringing together sociologists, anthropologists, cultural theorists, and policy researchers. In my experience, they’re welcoming of philosophers, too, and don’t have the anti-feminist baggage of some or many philosophers.

  3. This does look like a great conference. I wish I would have known about it. Does it only happen every two years? I’m in the process of having to fill out professional development funding forms for next year and am looking for a good feminist event/conference/workshop.

  4. The Society for Analytical Feminism organizes group sessions at the APA always at the Central and frequently at the Eastern and Pacific. The organization is open to suggestions for sessions and we welcome ideas and contributions from philosophers at any stage in their careers. Our website is http://academic.rcc.edu/crasnow/SAF.html. Information about past sessions, conferences (we have held two so far), and membership is available there.

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