A Million Dollars for bioethics? Addition

Well, certainly something along those lines.  The US National Institutes of  Health are creating “core centers” with funding from the president’s recovery fund.  One kind of core center is in bioethics.  The grant stresses hiring new tt faculty; that’s what the money is basically for.

The grants are due on May 29, but there should be enough time to write a proposal.  The details  are here.  Don’t worry about the letter of intent; it wasn’t required and it won’t be considered in the  proposal’s review.  It might well be possible to do one that would fit in with a women’s studies group and focus on women and minority issues in health-care.  NIH is aware that diversity is important.  You could end up hiring feminist bioethicists, which would surely be a good thing.

Your administration will love you if you get one.  I’m not sure I can answer questions very intelligently, but I’ll have a go at addressing them.  NIH  gives you a lot of emails and they’re very good at replying.

 I’m organizing one on bioimaging for a neuropsychiatric core center, though I’m trying to convince others that they’ll be a much better PI than I, who has never gotten an NIH grant before.

Addition:  as a colleague reminds me, to get this you’d need a strong tie-in with medical researchers who have good track records with NIH funding.  It might serve feminist needs but it’s relevant to medicine has to be absolutely secure.