O, this could make one sad: sex ed in the UK

According to the Guardian, there will be compulsory sex ed in the UK, with religious schools free to give  students their own view of sexuality.

Sex education is to be made compulsory in all state schools in England but faith schools will also be free to preach against sex outside marriage and homosexuality, under government proposals.

You know how that goes; homosexuals should never have the sort of close  loving relationship  that provides a nexus for so many of the families aroung them. 

It means that all state secondaries in England – including faith schools – will for the first time have to teach a core curriculum about sex and contraception in the context of teenagers’ relationships, but teachers in religious schools will also be free to tell them that sex outside marriage, homosexuality or using contraception are wrong.

I wonder if they’ll be able to get away with following the pope in maintaining that contraception increases the spread of  AIDS.   If  one could put aside the fear of the damage they will do, it might even be interesting to see if the religious schools can explain what’s wrong with all that stuff without starkly arbitrary (aka factually fantastic) assertions,.   What constraints will be put in  place to keep sex ed anything like accurate?

4 thoughts on “O, this could make one sad: sex ed in the UK

  1. I thought there was a reply to this, since I started replying to that, then life intervened.
    Something went wrong?

  2. I didn’t mean to publish it and so I deleted it when I discovered I must have pushed the submit button.

    I thought there might be something worth saying about how the lawmakers might be supposing a simplistic distinction between facts and values. The idea being that if the religious schools got the sex facts right, they could have the values, as it were. But then the whole things got more and more convoluted…

  3. yeah, things are quite complicated.
    I was replying that fortunately, not every religious school was opposing same sex sexual relationships, and all that. It is possible that we Dutch have a bit of a more liberal variety than there is in GB, not sure.
    We were the first to institute same sex marriages, and also the first to have same sex marriages blessed in church.
    We’re also the country where you can have a mourning service when you divorce. I think organised religion really can mean something good to people, in those ways.
    It’s just sad how relinuts spoil how people that are religious are perceived.

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