Thick Concepts are For Boys

Or so it seems judging from this conference’s speakers. From the description:

The principal aim of this conference is to bring together a number of philosophers so that they can both pursue some of the familiar debates, and raise and discuss new questions and ideas. It is envisaged that the discussions will be of interest to moral philosophers, aestheticians, epistemologists, metaphysicians, and philosophers of language amongst others.

But not to women.

Laptops for ladies

Computers. They’re mostly grey and ugly. Which, of course, means that us gals won’t go near them, and prefer to write everything out by hand, using those pink pens with fluffy bobbles on top. (I am currently dictating this post to my dog as I cannot bear to let my lovely little lady fingers touch the nasty, grey keyboard.) Luckily, Dell has come to our rescue with its range of ‘Della’ products, designed exclusively for women. These are laptops in lovely bright colours, small enough to fit in a handbag, and just perfect for emailing people, and checking the weather, movie times, or restaurant directions (according to the advert, because those are the only reasons us ladies use computers. Work?! Heavens, no!) Thanks, Della!