XX need to think like XY to earn more K

So sayeth the BBC. In defence of the author–Marilyn Davidson, professor of work psychology at Manchester Business School–I think the title misrepresents her article. Good ole BBC. Is encouraging women to be more assertive about pay part of the solution to the pay gap? Seems a tricky one. Assertive-like-a-man woman still equals aggressive bitch in the eyes of many. (Go on then: it even has a quiz you can take to find out whether you’re more XX or XY when it comes to pay negotiation!)¬†

Eurovision and Gay Rights

Regular readers will know of my deep love for Eurovision, which is coming up this Saturday. Reader Hippocampa has let us know, however, of a political aspect to this year’s contest which I’d missed. Apparently gay and lesbian rights demonstrations are illegal in Russia, host of this year’s Eurovision. Gay and lesbian activists are planning to organise a march on the occasion of Eurovision (which is a bit of a camp favourite, hence an appropriate venue for such a march). The Dutch entrant plans to withdraw from the contest if violence is used against gay activists, and according to Hippocampa he has the support of the Dutch government. As far as I know, no other countries or their contestants are lodging protests against the appalling Russian policy. (Do let me know if I’m wrong about this last– I’d love to be!)