The Sunday Cat loves Sugar Gliders**

Sugar gliders are tiny marsupials

who can glide:

It is even possible to find red-neck sugar gliders riding around in pickup trucks.


**This  post is the first in an extension of the Sunday Cat series.  Suggestions for other animals to be featured are very welcome.   There could be a lot on dogs, for example, as some people have  hinted might be a very good idea.

The Philosophical Baby

Blog reader Hippocampa has alerted us to a book entitled The Philosophical Baby, by developmental psychologist Alison Gopnik. PhilosophicalBaby_BK

Gopnik compiles the latest in her field’s research to paint a new picture of our inner lives at inception — one in which we are, in some ways, more conscious than adults.

You can read an interesting interview with the author on The book will be available from and in August 2009. Thanks, Hippocampa!