2 thoughts on “Odd Bedfellows

  1. I am deeply concerned about Olson’s motivation for this, when it appears that the groups who have been working long-term on same-sex marriage are opposed to taking this battle to the Supreme Court. And they’re opposed with good reason, because the current Supremes are very likely to rule against it.

  2. J-Bro, I was extremely surprised at being able to listen to Olson. So I share your suspiciousness. But if the supremes rule against it, won’t it be just where it is anyway? In the hands of the states? And in the meantime they get a lot of airtime saying that this should be outside of politics.

    I would have thought that if Olson has a motive, it’s to get the republican party to edge a bit away from the religious agenda, which is looking increasingly like a toxic alliance.

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