The Need for Rape-Free Gadgets

This is really important:

In the Congo, explains Eve Ensler, militias use rape to fracture communities and the threat of sexual violence to coerce slave labor to mine coltan (a colloquial name for columbite-tantalite ore) which is used to produce capacitors that power cell phones, iPods, and other gadgets.
“We create those atrocities through our consumption,” says Ensler.
She is proposing that electronics manufacturers and their customers—us—began to concern themselves with the notion of “Rape-Free” products in which the raw, mineral components of consumer electronics are traced back to sources that can be verified to have procured them ethically. (She allows that “Rape-Free” is probably not a moniker that would be comfortable plastered on boxes and signs.)

Thanks, Mr Jender.

One thought on “The Need for Rape-Free Gadgets

  1. my. it’s so easy to think of electronics as coming simply from some shiny western lab where everyone wears lab coats and everyone has a pension. consumption is such an ugly business!

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