Even Philosophers like facts

and some are particularly relevant and interesting to one of the important issues of the day.  So have a look at Tom Goldstein’s valuable analysis of ‘the full data set” of Judge Sotomayor’s votes during her 11 years on the court of appeals.  His conclusion at the SCOTUS Blog:

In sum, in an eleven-year career on the Second Circuit, Judge Sotomayor has participated in roughly 100 panel decisions involving questions of race and has disagreed with her colleagues in those cases (a fair measure of whether she is an outlier) a total of 4 times.  Only one case (Gant) in that entire eleven years actually involved the question whether race discrimination may have occurred.  (In another case (Pappas) she dissented to favor a white bigot.)  She particulated in two other panels rejecting district court rulings agreeing with race-based jury-selection claims.  Given that record, it seems absurd to say that Judge Sotomayor allows race to infect her decisionmaking.

Accompanying the article are a number of great links.  The Blog itself is clearly going to be a voice of sanity in the weeks to come.