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The Sunday Cat loves Maru: Addition May 30, 2009

Filed under: cats,Uncategorized — annejjacobson @ 9:36 pm

 Fortunately, there  are smaller boxes:

Thanks, PJ!


Addition:  check out Maru’s blog at:  http://sisinmaru.blog17.fc2.com/

Clicking on the dates at the left can give you a lot of Maru pictures.  Thanks again, Maru Fan.


10 Responses to “The Sunday Cat loves Maru: Addition”

  1. jj Says:

    I forgot to add: Small children should be discouraged from trying either of these tricks.

  2. hippocampa Says:

    Dieting, (s)he’s doing it wrong.

  3. elp Says:

    i love when she/he jumps out of the big box, and that little moment at the end where she/he seems to decide that the camera is possible prey. (and when fat cat gets stuck in ‘diet’ beer carton!) oh, i need a fat boisterous cat!

  4. KM Says:

    the small box is a prime example of why there is never a need to panic…

  5. jj Says:

    elp, I suppose the cat may want to jump other places too. One’s bed while one is sleeping, the dinner table, the bookshelves and mantle piece. Tearing the mail apart and chewing on pencils might go along with that, though the house/apartment looks to spare to have much laying aroung.

  6. Christine Says:

    Well, yes, fortunately there are smaller boxes but some are just too small. See here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-oU4SLklhgI

  7. jj Says:

    Maru Fan, Thank you so much for coming. Maru is obviously very beloved; I wonder if that’s part of his source of energy.

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