Sotomayor and the media

OK, I know it is not a surprise to say that the media is employing sexist and racist stereotypes in its portrayal of Sotomayor and that those stereotypes place her in an infamous catch-22–  How dare she be smart and aggressive?  Wait, she’s a lawyer and a judge.

But,  if anyone is doing research or teaching about this topic,  here is site that does an excellent job documenting and linking to a long list of examples in the US media, and connecting them to legal scholarship about racism and sexism.

2 thoughts on “Sotomayor and the media

  1. There is some interesting research being done headed by Caroline Heldman from Occidental College and Meredith Conroy at UCSB on Sarah Palin’s representation in the media.

    I myself was listening to PRI: they were interviewing a male somehow professionally related to Sotomayor, who insisted that she was NOT “bossy”, instead she’s a “very nurturing” person.

    Kathleen Hall Jamieson has a CUNY lecture series talk on Sexism and the Presidential Campaign available here:

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