15 thoughts on “The Swayzaur (FP Relevance Challenge)

  1. I don’t *think* it’s his arm that has the tattoo. But the tattoo indeed does feature The Swayze (as I like to call him). Does that help somehow with relevance?

  2. I’m drawing a blank (baddum-bom!), but the link offers a truly rewarding series of wonderful tattoos.

  3. I think that’s someone’s calf.
    Intersectionality indeed: it’s a fascinating mixture between “my little pony” (in the rainbows), the symbolic ultramasculinity of stallions and having a handicap (Patrick Swayze does have a bit of a speech impediment, doesn’t he?)

  4. V. funny re intersectionaltiy. Though perhaps not the best metaphor to get people to take the issues seriously.

  5. this is a totally queer tattoo. as hippocampa noted, there’s the masculinity of dirty-dancing era swazye, and the stacked stallion effect combined with the rainbows and my-little-pony aesthetic. it both masculinizes him and feminizes him. (with the sleeveless tux shirt and cuffs, he’s also sorta dressed like a chippendale…). it’s also very 80s in a lisa-frank-meets-dirty-dancing-meets-mullet way. it’s like all those unicorn stickers i had, except with patrick swayze.

    …that, and one of my friends argued recently that Dirty Dancing is really about abortion politics…

  6. Doctaj, you’d better stop now, because you’re starting to make me want that tattoo!

  7. I didn’t think it was Swayze’s tattoo – although I’d LOVE to discover that he has a Swazysaur tattooed on his own body. Oh, the vanity. And the madness. I just wanted to clarify that someone really did get a Swazysaur tattooed on their body. Not just a centaur that looked a little like The Swayze. Oh man. The mind boggles.

  8. difficult to come upon a cogent interpretation (I like the intersectionality suggestions!). Perhaps settling what the blue thing near the Swaysaur’s left hoof is will unlock the secret. What is that?

    Monkey – if you just wanted a plain old centaur tattoo, and accidentally ended up with one that looked like The Swayze, do you think you’d be more pleased, or less?

  9. OMG – just looked at the rest of the series. Horror!
    The ‘dolphin in armchair smoking bong’ tattoo has to be a winner – closely followed by ‘craporama’, complete with overflowing loo.
    And the myriad face tattoos… nooooo!

    still struggling on the connection between feminist philosophy and these though. I wonder – feminists worry about the norms that lead to choices for cosmetic surgery.
    Is there a similar worry about the norms that lead people to choose these tattoos? It’s hard to tell but it looks like most of these horrors (in the linked series from the Independent) are on male bodies. Ok, disanalogy: it’s not clear there are health worries that attach to having tattoos (as there are with many cases of cosmetic surgery). But having ‘fuck off’ tattoo-ed on your head might damage your job prospects somewhat…

    General question: how are tattoos similar to or different from cosmetic surgery?

  10. Tattoos are a deliberate modifcation of the body that is supposed to be seen as such.
    With plastic surgery, the effect is supposed to be observed, but as if it occurred naturally: the fact that it was achieved artificially is a fact you’d want people to be ignorant about.
    I guess.
    For more variations on deliberate body modification (if you can stand that kind of stuff, mind!) go and browse the
    Body Modification E-zine. I did warn.

  11. Hi hippocampa, yes, that seems right wrt many cases of tattoos and piercings – though perhaps some cosmetic surgery is not so obviously presented as ‘naturally occuring’ – I’m thinking of getting large breast implants, for example (celebrity magazines often contain celebs talking about their new implants (but maybe that’s just the culture of celebrity and less likely to be the case for non-‘famous’ people…)).

    Also, on that site you link to (yikes!) there are some modifications that (perhaps?) are presented as ‘naturally occurring’ (in the sense of ‘not the result of a chosen procedure’ -the claw mark scarification, say)?

  12. I love this question:

    Monkey – if you just wanted a plain old centaur tattoo, and accidentally ended up with one that looked like The Swayze, do you think you’d be more pleased, or less?

  13. It rather depends on whether I’d wanted my centaur to be wearing the cut off shirt, bowtie and cuffs combo. If I wanted my centaur to be thus attired, and then he accidentally ended up looking like the Swayze, I think I’d be pleased. However, if I’d been aiming for something more like this, I suspect I’d be less chuffed.

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