“Lady tennis players”

And here’s my other norms-of-appearance related gripe:

Hurrah – Wimbledon time! One of the few times of the year that women can be found on the sports pages, (almost) rivalling coverage of sportsmen. (Note that recently women cricketers in the UK also received some headlines. Hurrah again!).

But – boo! – once again, ridiculous attention is being paid to the appearance of the women on court.
And we get silly silly claims such as:

“lady tennis players” should not grunt because “it makes them unsexy, and sex appeal is the main selling point of women’s tennis”.  (Former tennis player Michael Stich)

Or maybe the tennis has something to do with it? Yawn….

4 thoughts on ““Lady tennis players”

  1. It’s not exactly grunting anymore though, is it? it’s more like screeching. It’s rather embarassing to watch, but nevertheless, that Stich guy reminded me of a joke, which I will share:

    Some tourists in some picturesque desert town in the sahara are watching a guy who is castrating camels. Then one tourist says to the guy “Doesn’t that hurt?”
    To which the camel guy replies “Not at all! You see, the trick is to keep your thumbs from between the rocks”.

    I have really no idea how I connected the two, of course.

  2. I had to look up what “seeded” means in tennis. In relation to your link, larry, I got the very wrong idea.

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