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Our Twitter Picture
Our Twitter Picture

Feminist Philosophers are now on Twitter.  Check it out

Twitter and the  linking plugin, tweetfeed, are imperfect.  We’re suppose to have an update on Twitter every hour.   Instread, yesterday a partial update took about 20 hours.  Still, twitter and we are working the issues.

FeministPhils (our user name) appears to have some followers in the porno industry.  I think we’ll just leave that for now, but if you have other suggestions, please let us know.  One can block people from being users.

(I hope none of you is shocked or dismayed.  Jender did approve it, so now any fault is jointly owned, I again hope.)

11 thoughts on “TWEET! tweet! tweet…

  1. I first got on wordpress because of you, and now you’re dragging me into twitter. What’s next? facebook?!
    *kicks tableleg*

  2. yes facebook, hippocampa, because you have to join the ‘moms who drink and swear’ group (even tho you’re not a mum; out if solidarity).

    jj, i’m aginnit because it’s new. but i’m sure i’ll come round eventually ;). thanks for putting the effort into it!

  3. H: I’m so glad you got here!
    Not much new is on twitter, but for now you could check out our porno followers. :)

  4. My goodness, this twitter is really something. Am getting close to 800 updates every ten seconds on michael jackson. And I was just recovering from the fact that Farrah died.

  5. I just joined, too, and I am having the same experience with the porno followers. Very odd. I wonder if there is a thesis in this somewhere?

  6. Bakka, my best guess is that they follow a lot of new accounts in order to get more business.

  7. I think you are right, jj. I wonder, though, whether this might have a chilling effect on women’s use of social networking media. It is just one more arena in which women’s sexuality is commodified, and for some women (and possibly other groups such as feminist men, or some christians, muslims etc.) the selling of female sexuality may discourage them from using these media. I am not sure if this is true, but it does affect the climate of these networking tools…

  8. Bakka, that’s a great point. It might be like going to someone’s house for a party and finding out that porn movies are being shown in another room.

    I understand better now why I’m unhappy about having them among our followers on Twitter.

    It’s probably also the case that there’s a great deal of fakery behind the presentation of the user and ‘her’ picture. I feel better about getting rid of them.

  9. Found you via Twitter — that’s good. This post, however, sounds like you plan to Tweet a lot. Moderate tweeting may be more effective (“Less is more”) as some of us drop folks who overtweet, even though they are good, as they keep us from seeing our other friends/groups content.

    Your blog roll looks great and in any case I’m bookmarking your blog as I don’t want to lose you.

  10. Kate Anne, welcome! It’s great you found us via twitter.

    I think we’ll tweet just posts on the blog (probably 0-4 a day) and maybe a few comments when things aren’t working. Your comment is making me wonder whether we shouldn’t be doing this manually. Right now tweetfeed has gone from forwarding almost nothing to forwarding two copies of each message.

    So again: glad you found us!

  11. Hi, just had to put in one more plea for doing updates on Facebook as well– I’m not sure how many are similar to me, but while I don’t really twitter, I do use fb quite often to stay in touch with family, friends and colleagues. It’s be great to have “one stop shopping” and get your updates there as well :).


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