Women Logicians!

Catarina Dutilh Novaes sent an email to philos-l which has now been re-posted with her permission at LogBlog. The post in its entirety is excellent, but here I just want to draw attention to its main point:

The purpose of this message now is to question the widespread impression that there are not (or very few) prominent female logicians and philosophers of logic, people with the standing to be keynote speakers at major conferences. I was thinking it might be useful to compile a list of such people, sort of a handy device that could help those organizing conferences in the area to ensure a better gender balance among the speakers. Please send me names off list, and I will post the results to the whole list once we have a significant number of names.

So do send her some names! The email address is cdutilhnovaes@yahoo.com.

Relatedly, Hippocampa has suggested that perhaps we should all be making more use of http://www.academia.edu/ as a way of keeping track of women in various areas of philosophy. (Thanks Hippocampa and Richard!)

2 thoughts on “Women Logicians!

  1. There are now a number of women authors on Choice and inference. I also noticed that there were a number of women publishing very recently when I checked the electronic Philosophers Index.

    It’s hard when one isn’t in the field to know who counts as prestigious enough to be invited as a keynote speaker, but perhaps conference organizers could think also in terms of featuring a more junior but very promising speaker in a keynote position. Is it so rare to feature a “rising star;” those who might find this a difficult category to put people in might notice that being asked to be a keynote speaker takes a junior scholar a significant way to becoming a rising star.

  2. PS: My checking Phil Index was done very subtly; I put “logic” in as the search term.

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