Searching– Women plenary speakers for conference in France

Prof. dr. Dvora Yanow sent this request to the FEMMSS list serve and I am sending portions of  it out to all of you with her permission.  She is in search of  French scholars (working outside of France is ok; or it could be a non-French scholar working in France).


I am assisting a group planning the 2010 Interpretive Policy Analysis conference, which will be at one of the universities in France.

The leader of that group blanked when asked about a woman to include as a plenary speaker.

I unfortunately don’t know colleagues there myself.

Can anyone  make some suggestions?  To give you a sense of the thing, they are planning to ask Bruno Latour.  So someone from sciences-po or with that orientation, and/or who engages questions of phenomenology, hermeneutics, critical theory, discourse analysis, etc. with application(s) to science studies/science policy or other areas of public policy, especially someone concerned with the methodological side of things.

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