Dear Michael Rowe

I’m on your side, really. I agree that Obama’s taking LGBT folks for granted, and even that it might be good for them to stop shelling out money to him until he stops doing so. But do you have to call your article, “Why It’s Time for LGBT Democrats to Get Over Their Battered Wife Syndrome”? Couldn’t you have found a different metaphor, one which didn’t carry the suggestion that domestic violence victims just need to get over THEIR problems? Oh, wait, you did! Excellent. Or maybe not…

What if, instead of getting a million dollar booty-call from the one group that always puts out, no matter what, the LGBT donors had suddenly crossed their collective political and economic legs, and told the DNC “No more freebies. Not without that ring.”

Yep, that old sluts VS virgins thing is a BIG improvement. (Thanks, J-Bro!)