4 thoughts on “Babes of the BNP

  1. This is from Vice Magazine–almost by definition it’s ironic. However, because it’s VM, it’s not especially *well-done* irony.

  2. Oh, Vice Magazine (for the uninitiated) is a publication that specialises in scare-quote edgy urban hipster crap. It’s probably best-known for it’s “Dos and Don’ts”, a selection of fashion wins and mistakes; they usually look completely interchangeable to me.

  3. Well:

    I’m not a Brit, but I could have told you that the form of “multiculturalism” practiced by the ruling class in Britain for much of the past 40 years would lead to more racial strife including a reinvigorated white nationalism. One can be too clever in one’s intellectual sophistries. Of course here in America, our elites have more venal reasons for the replacement of their native countryfolk..

  4. Clarence, I think it’s a bit simpler than that. Daily Mail and other such tabloids telling everyone that there is a tidal wave of immigrants engulfing Britain (not true), plus degradation of lots of traditional working-class industries, plus recession.

    But in any case, it’s not clear that there is any kind of revival or reinvigoration of white nationalism. The BNP didn’t get any more of the vote recently than they have before. The Labour vote was split as disgruntled Labour supporters voted for other parties. Under the system of proportional representation, this meant that the BNP were able to win seats. It’s wise to be wary, and it’s a total bummer that That Idiot is now in the European Parliament, but at the same time, it might be good to keep things in perspective. (That last comment wasn’t suggesting that you were not. It was more a general comment on the big media furore, which does now seem to have died down due to the death of a certain popstar.)

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