Want to give the appearance of diversity? Photoshop!

Only please not as badly as the pictures to be found here.  At least make it  look as though they are in the same place:


Sometimes, of course, customers are not fans of diversity; in that case, a good rule is to remember to change the whole body, which, as you will see if you go to the site, is not always done.

Thanks, jj-son.

3 thoughts on “Want to give the appearance of diversity? Photoshop!

  1. Sadly, I thought you might be very interested (though unfortunately not surprised) to read about this if you do not already know about it:
    One Rotten Apple, by P.Z Myers

    Sorry for adding this comment/communication in the wrong place. However, although there is a phrase/section/icon on this blog that says, “got something to send the feminist philosophers? Click on the ‘contact’ category.”, I cannot find any such “‘contact category'”. To be sure, I tried searching through your webpage many times and could not find any other instance of the word “contact” other than the aforementioned reference to an apparently missing category. Could you please fix or clarify the matter?

    Thanks. Really like your website.

  2. Now I see the ‘contact’ category. Sorry I did not look more carefully before. Nonetheless, I think you might find the PZ Myers link interestings.


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