4 thoughts on “Media on Sotomayor

  1. Campbell Brown’s comment on CNN on July 14th re the hearings was roughly: Didn’t it strike you as odd to see all those white guys worried about whether this hispanic woman is a racist?

  2. I can’t find anything to say that is printable ……other than hypocritical sexist racist pigs (and that is an understatement). The terrifying thing is that so many people listen uncritically to this crap.

  3. jj – and *they* worry that *her* life experiences etc might influence her decisions – as if *theirs* didn’t?

  4. As someone in the UK, I never ceased to be amazed and horrified at what I see of Fox. It makes the Daily Mail seem tame.

    However, the fact that there are some awfully motivated criticisms of Sotomayor out there doesn’t mean that there aren’t some good ones as well. See here for a nice discussion of some of her decisions that might give social liberals pause (especially her seeming position on the limits of free speech):


    Turley also has a nice piece debunking some of the sillier criticisms:


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