Orgasm a Day Campaign

I didn’t think I could still have ‘American-in-Britain’ culture shock. But it seems I can.

A National Health Service leaflet is advising school pupils that they have a “right” to an enjoyable sex life and that regular intercourse can be good for their cardiovascular health…

…Alongside the slogan “an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away”, it says: “Health promotion experts advocate five portions of fruit and veg a day and 30 minutes’ physical activity three times a week. What about sex or masturbation twice a week?”

By the way, British sex education is not quite as the existence of this leaflet would suggest. In my informal polling of about 100 students this year (it came up in discussion– really!), I found only one or two who’d even been told how to use a condom. And one of them had been taught it in a school which also featured a religious education class telling her that contraception was wrong.

Still… Just *try* to imagine any authority in the US putting out a leaflet like that. (Thanks, EB!)

2 thoughts on “Orgasm a Day Campaign

  1. How about a leaflet for adults? There is a group on the itnernet that is about female orgasm. They say it is easy to have a deliberate orgasm every day…maybe they could write the leaflet.

    I find it a refreshingly fun idea!

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