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The Sunday cat objects… July 19, 2009

Filed under: cats — Jender @ 6:31 am

to this depiction of independent women. And this depiction of cats.
For more, see here. (Thanks, Mr Jender!)


7 Responses to “The Sunday cat objects…”

  1. Monkey Says:

    ‘Independent woman’ sounds like a euphemism. What exactly do they sell there?!

  2. Jender Says:

    Monkey, I’m glad your question made me look for their website. It seems they’ve been unfairly maligned, both here and at the site where Mr Jender saw the logo: http://Catwear.com/

    (OK, my last two posts have both been in error. This is worrying.)

  3. extendedlp Says:

    so…someone has added the anus? it’s still a _really_ crap logo, no?

  4. jj Says:

    Male cats with dark points – e.g., male seal point Siamese – have this look. When my dear little Tarry had ringworm he was bald on his butt except for the black hairy bits. Very odd looking. And he’s fixed; much more noticeable if they’re not.

    Tarry is here:

  5. Monkey Says:

    He’s beautiful!

  6. jj Says:

    Monkey, I just saw your comment: thank you. He’s a rescue cat.

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