All-Female Crew on Marine One Flight

The first female Marine One pilot has marked the final flight on her rotation with another first: an all-female crew. CNN reports:

Major Jennifer Grieves is the first Marine One female pilot. Her achievement was marked as she landed on the South Lawn of the White House to pick up the President.

And the LA Times:

Maj. Jennifer Grieves of Glendale, Ariz., flew her first Marine One mission in May 2008, and had flown Obama and then-President George W. Bush.In honor of Grieves’ last day in the rotation, the Marines assigned two other female officers — Maj. Jennifer L. Marino, of Palisade, Colo., and Sgt. Rachael A. Sherman, of Traverse City, Mich. — to complete the crew. And that all-female crew was another first.

Marine Maj. Jennifer Grieves, the first pilot to commander a Marine One helicopter Marines say Grieves is off to Command and Staff College in Quantico, Va.

Thanks for the heads-up Vishal Lama!

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