Women do Logic!

They do. And to prove it, Catarina Dutilh Novaes has assembled a list of women in philosophy of logic and philosophical logic. Conference organisers may find it useful to consult this if they find themselves contemplating an all-male lineup and thinking, “but there just AREN’T any women in the field.” And women students considering the area may find it encouraging to realise that there ARE in fact other women in the area. If you think of someone who’s missing, do send her name to Novaes at cdutilhnovaes [youknowwhat] yahoo [dot] com.

3 thoughts on “Women do Logic!

  1. awesome. we should make something like this for the major subfields of philosophy. it could be really helpful in preventing the lineup problems we’ve discussed here.

  2. Thanks very much for the advertisement! As I said in my original message, it was really the good noise you guys are making here that got me thinking in the first place, so thanks again!

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