5 thoughts on “ReImaging Social Forms

  1. I’m trying to figure out how to emulate this at a philosophy conference without getting, well, misunderstood. I think they are all just having too much fun for anyone at a philosophy conference to be able to emulate. Alas.

  2. Calypso, I was tryiing the same thing. I do think, though, it is promising for graduation ceremonies and maybe even department colloquia.

    I turned to wondering about costumes for conferences. Maybe different kinds of animals. Or cross dressing, which might address the gender problem, albeit obliquely and partially.

  3. Made my day! thanks, jj.
    Btw, one might think that cross dressing has been done — remember those suits that were de rigueur for women at the APA in the not so distance past. But I can certainly see room for gerbera daisies on podiums and panel tables.

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