15 thoughts on “Can this be real?

  1. I wanted to raise you a just for girls bicycle pump, but I couldn’t find one. What I did find was this: toupetsfor babies. And I thought I had seen it all.

  2. But do they come in blue?

    Note that the men are screwed when it comes to earplugs.

    Hippocampa – what do you think of the “philosophy” for “Bangs for Babies”?

  3. I think that what really lets you know these are for women is that they “help block snoring”. I think they should have been marketed as “Ph balanced” for full effect.

  4. I’d like some that would administer a powerful narcotic slowly through the night. I bet it would sell.

  5. I don’t think the Skull Screws are necessarily gendered as male.

    I think they’re being marketed to people who go to heavy metal concerts. Seriously.

  6. lol, jj, I am sure they are contemplating a “fragrance line” for their kids too, as it is an outrage that they just have to go around smelling like babies?

  7. J-bro, I ride a motorbike and tried all kinds of earplugs in order to save my hearing. No matter how good your helmet is, on long trips your ears start to ring, not good. So in that sense, yes, stoat! there are definitely high tech earplugs :P…. I even had a pair of 25 euros once, they sucked. The best ones are those foam conical ones. Never EVER tried them in pink though.
    Maybe I should!

  8. Having looked them up online, I think they’re “high tech” in the sense that they have an innovative design (I don’t just mean the screws poking out, the cross section is actually different from standard foam earplugs).

    Foam earplugs are useful in a variety of contexts: rock concerts, riding motorcycles, shooting guns, sleeping in hotels or in a house with loud cats. I own a bunch myself. (And I don’t do all of those things.)

  9. There’s definitely some marketing towards metal listeners (concerts?) and motorcyclists with the Skull Screws. I wouldn’t call them gendered, since there are definitely some dykes on bikes and women in metal (myself included).

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