4 thoughts on “Sotomayor: On to the next level

  1. I sure hope they make their reactions known in the only way that these arrogant, self righteous & hypocritical (of course, a white male Republican would never allow his exalted status as a rich white male R to impact his legal decisions), condescending (“you will be confirmed providing you don’t have a meltdown” followed by a lecture on how to be a judge!), creatures can understand – vote them the heck out of office!

    How Sonia Santomayor didn’t rise up and smite them is beyond me – but then, she has years of courtroom experience, where the opposing council resorts to attacking the “bringer of evidence” personally, ethically and professionally, in hopes that the jury will disregard the truth of the evidence brought. One has to sit and smile politely and hold one’s temper while under attack, maintaining calm confidence and dignity… not an easy task, I know from personal experience.

  2. J, I am thinking that several of our recent posts have been concerned with responding as a minority to figures in power. The Gates cat, the dreadful situation of the woman who refused the C-section, and Sotomayor.

    In my university, I learned a lot from a Hispanic woman definitely on her way up. (A wise Latina?) She and I had an extended discussion about when you just have to suck it up. I guess I’m glad Sotomayor could do it. I expect we shouldn’t be at all surprised that she could.

    I don’t wish Gates had just sucked it up. And it seems close to crazy to think the woman who refused the C-section should have chosen a more politically acceptable reaction. She was in labor, for God’s sake.

  3. J, just after writing the above comment I decided to check CNN before I closed the computer. And I encountered this comment from Powell on the cnn website:

    When asked how he dealt with the situation, Powell said, “You just suck it up — what are you going to do? It was a teaching point for him. ‘Yes, I’m the national security adviser, I’m black, and watch, I can do the job.’ “

    Well, it’s a good metaphor.

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