Music Media in UK: first female NME editor

It’s fair to say that a large portion of my teenage years were spent poring over the pages of NME, and I don’t doubt this is still true of many young women now.

Important news, then, of the magazine appointing its first female editor, Krissi Murison:

“It’s definitely a good thing and is ridiculously overdue,” said Andrew Collins, a former NME staffer and broadcaster. “It helps erase the strange notion that this is just a boys’ game. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, really. If you have a woman near the top it is more likely to inspire younger, female writers”.

Let’s hope so!

3 thoughts on “Music Media in UK: first female NME editor

  1. It’s a very interesting article. I wonder what the music director of Nylon in NY does. Must check it out…

  2. Many years ago, a friend of mine used to write for the now defunct NME-rival magazine Sounds under the name of Lucy Nation.

    Responses to his articles regularly made reference to the assumed (okay, implied by the pseudonym) gender of the author. And not in a good way.

  3. Interesting. Now for a control we need a female writer who used a male pseudonym. I should imagine they wouldn’t receive the kind of feedback Lucy Nation got (i.e their gender didn’t shine through in the writing)…

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