Iran: It’s not over

Yesterday was 40 days after the death of Neda Agha-Soltan, a particularly significant point in the Islamic mourning cycle. 40 day commemorations of protesters’ deaths were especially important in the 1979 Iranian Revolution. This time, there were so many protesters, so widely dispersed, that the Basiji seem to have been unable or unwilling to take control.

“Tehran was our town today,” exclaimed a 26-year-old woman. “We had more courage and the police less courage.”

(Thanks, AK.)

Gendered Chocolate

Gendered products week continues with some gendered chocolate. Ah yes, you’re probably thinking, chocolate is very gendered. It’s the quintessential girlie indulgence, after all. But not ALL chocolate….

US Veterans Administration Failing Women Soldiers

How are they failing women soldiers? According to the Government Accountability Office, they’re failing them in many ways. Here’s one small example:

“I tried several times to use the mental health services. I was told that women don’t go to combat so we shouldn’t need counseling.”–Female Iraq and Afghanistan Veteran

For more, see here. (Thanks, Maura!)