Tehran’s First Woman Bus Driver

Normally men sit in front and women in the back, but she reverses this. She also gives hell to male drivers who are rude to her. She’s utterly determined and fearless, and very impressive. (Her son’s views are a surprising juxtaposition.) Anyway, do watch this 9 minute film, brought to my attention by CR and AK!

Apple Products as Feminine?

MM sent us this interesting contribution to Gendered Products Week: The main idea is that Apple products are pretty and easy to use and their staff are friendly. Which is all especially appealing to women, who like pretty things and friendly people and can’t figure out the technical stuff. On the other hand, as the article points out, Apple makes great and very successful products– showing the value of ease of use, friendly staff and attractive products. (Which are all pretty clearly good things, a moment’s reflection reveals.) So what do you think about the article? Standard stereotyping of women? Or interesting re-valuing of the traditionally feminine and denigrated? I’m leaning toward both.