Gendered DIY tools

Our readers keep sending in the gendered products, and I can’t help myself. We’ve been sent links to not one, but two, companies specialising in DIY tools for ladies. Mostly, they’re predictably pink as with this tool belt from Little Pink Tools.

But in a radical break with standard gendering, Ladies Tools Online has made way for tools that are blue and yet still girlie.
(Yes, my tongue is in my cheek as I use ‘radical’ in this way. Still, it’s kind of an interesting progression.)

Thanks, Amy and J-Bro!

5 thoughts on “Gendered DIY tools

  1. Pink is such a bad colour for tools. Other than white, pink has to be the worst looking colour when dirty, and one of the first to show dirt. If you used this tool belt even once it would look awful.

    I think that is why most tool belts are a kind of burlap colour, because it wears well if getting dirty.

    I love the speckles in the blue tools. That is great!

  2. They should make ’em all in red – so the blood won’t show….
    Have you ever tried to pound in a nail with a dainty “girly” hammer??? You need a big “macho” hammer or you’ll pound your fingers to shreds trying to do the job – a big hammer just whacks it in.

  3. Those little hammers are good for very precise work in close quarters, so maybe they’re actually making gendered assumptions about the type of work women would be doing with those tools.

  4. Am I a bad feminist… I bought my 22 yo sister a spunky floral tool set, just so she’d HAVE a tool set, AND not think it a boring birthday present. She’ll never lose the pieces – they’re very bright… and no-one will nick ’em..? Maybe she’ll get the hang of DIY and graduate to power tools…hope so!

  5. Can we have confession time?

    One of the semi-hardware stores near me sells darling little tools with plastic handles imprinted with flowers. I love them!

    Should we discuss what we should do about all the things in our environment that we fancy even though we disapprove of them? Political problems go into one class, maybe, but there are also the bad-for-health and the bad-for-budget, along with the bad-for-environment and on and on.

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