The earth is round, too.

The American Psychological Association concluded Wednesday that there is little evidence that efforts to change a person’s sexual orientation from gay or lesbian to heterosexual are effective.

In addition, the 138-page report — covering 87 peer-reviewed studies — said that such efforts may cause harm….

In response, the group’s governing Council of Representatives passed a resolution Wednesday urging mental health professionals not to recommend to their clients that they can change their sexual orientation through therapy or any other methods.

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6 thoughts on “The earth is round, too.

  1. sure, laugh (& it is funny) but you know, some of us are junior queers, in philosophy departments, under chairs who believe crap like reparative therapy.
    it’s all funny ’till somebody gets an eye poked out…

  2. anonqueer, the situation you allude to is quite awful; I hope it doesn’t mean you are being harassed in some way. Your university/college should have means for you to complain and get remediation, but of course that might make things even worse. I expect you know what alternatives you have, if any.

    The post does make fun of the people who believe in reparative theory, but I don’t think any of us thinks the issues themselves are funny.

  3. jj– that’s quite kind of you. and yes, as you suspected, I’m well aware of varying alternatives before me w/regard to my own situation. And of course, I didn’t think any of you (plural-here) thought/think the issues themselves funny.
    The point I was after is this: for the ‘other’ APA to say “this is nonsense” does and should have the feel for anyone with even half their wits about them of “and the earth is round”. But that, in and of itself, is important (not only a joke). One of the many reasons it is important is because when it comes to irl discrimination cases, part of the battle (even where there are applicable non-discrimination clauses that are appropriately inclusive) quickly becomes over what –in concrete terms–is, and is not, “beyond the pale” of decency. When the other APA makes announcements like this, it non-trivially contributes to a much wider sense that discrimination against real live queers really is discrimination–beyond the pale– and to assert and/or conduct oneself otherwise is to behave as though the earth does not go round the sun. And that’s important.
    But it would have been so much cooler if I could have said all of that in some two-line funny quip. sigh. I’m blog-slow…

  4. Anonqueer– How horrible to hear about your situation! I’m sorry that my post was so flippant. What prompted it was my shock that the other APA was only NOW getting around to saying this. The mockery was directed at the lateness of the declaration, not the declaration itself.

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