Feminism’s Goals Have Now Officially Been Achieved!

Success, sisters! I’ve been out shopping today, and I’ve seen it with my own eyes. At long last, GIRLS CAN LEARN ABOUT GEOGRAPHY TOO! (What a historic step forward!)(Seriously, someone shoot me. You can only imagine how hard it was not to let the expletives out my mouth when i saw this in the shop.)

girl globeboy globe

14 thoughts on “Feminism’s Goals Have Now Officially Been Achieved!

  1. But girls are still restricted to putting one hand on the globe. Only boys may geographize with both hands.

  2. what are all the weird little brightly colored things? Graphics? I’m specifically referring to the thing that to me looks oddly like an Egyptian sarcophagus lid smack dab in the middle of…the Congo?

  3. funny, i thought it was a mermaid when i first looked at it. but i think it’s a lion. there seems to be a big elephant on india on the boy globe. so, at least both globes are equally silly in that way.

  4. Oh, wow. Great find!

    (PS — An elephant in India isn’t completely unreasonable. What I’d like to know is whether the little icons are the same on both globes. Unfortunately, they aren’t showing us any of the same areas.)

  5. Anyone else notice that the lil’ boy’s globe appears to be covered in lil’ mushroom-cloud stickers?

  6. Capt Darling, I was alarmed at all the smuggy bits. If you go to the original site, then you can zoom in. It really isn’t worth your time, but having done it, I can say that a number of them appear to be either figures of some sort (e.g., a panda in China) or mysteriously coloured land. The Philippines is very mysterious, but there may be a brown octopus lurking in the northern parts.

    It’s all very educational, I’d expect the manufacturers would say.

  7. That pink globe is a lot easier on the eyes, I have to say! For some reason, the other globe (on the right) brought up in front of me images of violence and chaos as opposed to the pink one, which seems to emanate serenity, peace and love. Or, I guess it’s just me.

  8. I wouldn’t mind globes in various colors and I take Vishal Lama’s comment seriously, about both color and diversity. I wish they would also MARKET pinks and and blues – and varieties of colors- across the board and not just ‘for girls!” Nobody asked boys if they like blue, either. I think any color that gets kids interested in geography, in the sciences, in the world, in learning is fine- shame on gender discrepant MARKETING, and color/gender bifurcation. Nothing wrong with color diversity! And am I the only one who finds it disturbing that the globe is PLASTIC?

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