Jolie breastfeeding sculpture

Hippocampa alerts us to this sculpture of Angelina Jolie breastfeeding her twins.


Here’s a quote from “a lactivist”:

“I, too, was inspired by Jolie’s nursing pic,” writes Cate Nelson of Eco Child’s Play. “As a lactivist, I think it’s fantastic when women like this show that natural human processes are even done by hot starlet MILFs.”

To be fair, the lactivist’s tongue may well have been firmly in her cheek.

13 thoughts on “Jolie breastfeeding sculpture

  1. Thanks for linking to my blog and quote. Many other sites have been picking up on that quote, and you’re the only one I’ve seen to gather that it is, in fact, tongue-in-cheek.
    My next line went on to say, “WTF” about a few points of this statue.
    But I will point out that it’s not “her twins”: it’s one black baby and one white one. To promote breastfeeding in all cultures.

    Because when I think: How do we promote BFing around the world, I think the best campaign is probably this: Naked Anglo sarcophagus holding twins in freaky hold and freaky position, who only breastfed her own babies for 3 months. (Breastfeeding is always good, but she’s hardly a pillar–er, statue–in this category.)
    I guess that’s what we get when the artist has also made a Brittney statue to represent motherhood.


  2. Hi Cate! Yes, I thought you were absolutely on target with the race issues. And I also thought: Wow, wonder if she can hold that position for an hour and half while the newborns get their fill. Hey, maybe all those body-sculpting celebrity workouts have really done something.

  3. sorry– “on target with the race issues” doesn’t begin to cover it. OMG OMG!!

  4. Also– if she manages to breastfeed twins in that position for three months she *is* heroic.

  5. Plus, doesn’t “Angelina Jolie Naked” just sexualize breastfeeding all over again?
    I don’t follow celebs. I watch movies that they happen to be in, period. (Never was I more thankful to be TV-free than after Michael Jackson’s death.)
    But if we *must* use a celebrity to promote breastfeeding, why not Salma Hayek, who has touted how much she “loved BFing” at every interview? And who also, btw, breastfed a starving African infant? Now that would be more true to for and lactivist.
    What a weird statue to promote World Breastfeeding Week. Between that and Bebe Gloton, I’m stumped. (Good intentions gone wrong!)

  6. Lol Jender, that was what I was thinking… if she can sit for how long is it? it’s long! to breastfeed those twins like that… wow, she’d have biceps of John Cena proportions!
    Wondering how those kids can be comfy that way, too.
    But heck, it’s a nice statue in itself, she looks not half as emaciated as she has been looking on news feeds, and I am glad for that.

  7. Goodness! Fascinating link, H. Interesting comment:

    Tim began attacking a woman, via Twitter, who was breastfeeding her baby at the Dodgers game calling her “crazy”, “rude”, saying that she had “no shame”, and insisting she “go in the back”. What Tim Mihalsky fails to realize is that mothers who nurse in public are a protected status of individual under CA and FL state law. Section 43.3 of the California Civil Code, otherwise known as the “Right to Breastfeed in Public (1997)” states that “…a mother may breastfeed her child in any location, public or private…where the mother and the child are otherwise authorized to be present.” Florida’s law dictates the same.

  8. wow h. i’ll never understand why people get their knickers so in a twist over seeing breastfeeding. and in the stands at a baseball game?! it’s not as if she’s conducting a symphony! people are pigs.

  9. With guys? Envy.

    They probably couldn’t concentrate on the game anymore, or something.


  10. As far as the “MILF” thing goes: I’d love to say “DILF” more often, but men get really crotchety abt that acronym. Sounds too much like “dildo” I guess. ;)
    I also blogged about the Twitter argument with the “Breastfeeding Bigot”
    Some people will never learn: saying things publicly can get you in trouble! (I should know. I have a severe case of foot-in-mouth disease!)

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