Seriously, it does exist

Barbie table football.


It’s French, a limited  edition, and costs 10,000 Euros.

And it’s DEEP PINK!

There is a small problem about who it is for.  Do little girls  play table football?  Do men in pubs like pink table football?  And who gets anything out of teams of Barbies?

Well, those are the deeper questions.**

** I think this might be a multi-modal pun.  Very obvious, but utterly irresistible.

9 thoughts on “Seriously, it does exist

  1. Wow! I’m kind of liking it to be honest– it’s taking something super-stereotypically male and making it girlie. Fabulous!

  2. It’s like making tutus for GI Joe/Action Man! Which, now that I think of it, sounds like wonderful idea. Too bad I have none of the relevant skills. Over to you, elp and Stoat. Any of the rest of you know how to sew, knit, etc?

  3. so the question becomes: why is making a fussball table girlie likable, where making a tool belt girlie isn’t (necessarily)? -the answer i’ve come up with so far is that making the fussball table girlie doesn’t take away at all from its function… but then, the tool belt doesn’t have to. hmm.

  4. Maybe it’s a mixed bag, so to speak.

    The Barbie’s lack arms (that where the rod goes), they are completely under the control of the players, and they are made to whack hard objects in a damaging way.

    What’s not to like about that? Well, quite a bit in fact.

  5. V. good question, elp. I think I’m starting to like the pink tools better, provided that they are just as good as the standard ones.

  6. I think the answer to elp’s question might be there in the original post: it’s not clear whom the Barbie table soccer thing is for. My guess is it’s still meant to be played by men in pubs, maybe for a laugh. On the other hand, the pink tool belt is clearly aimed at getting women to use something they wouldn’t if it weren’t pink.

    The tools say women only like pink frilly sparkly things; I have no idea what the foosball table says.

  7. 10,000 Euros??? For that amount it only should be in a museum as an artefact of our times. I absolutely love it AND hate it. Deeply disturbing.

  8. roger, i don’t know. it’s possible you’re right. but i think french girls play football; i think in general, you get more female participation in sport (esp pre-pubescent female participation) on the continent. so, it seems possible that this is geared towards wealthy families for their girls to play; for their home playrooms, etc. maybe that’s wrong. but i definitely wouldn’t feel confident in assuming it was for adult men.

    …yeah. i suspect it’s meant to appeal to little girls who like both barbie and football. and that seems almost sort of alright. in so far as little girls liking barbie is alright to begin with, that is.

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