Obama’s poll numbers climbing

(I accidentally found the color map again; hence, the following is color/coloured coded.  It may be tacky, but it’s my tacky.  The quotes are from UPI.)


It is bad enough  to hear Sarah Palin assert that the President plans on having death squads decide whether the disabled and the  elderly will get medical care; what’s worse is the thought that ordinary citizens believe her.  And some certainly do. 

So when the news that Obama’s poll numbers were slipping finally sunk in, many of us surely were once again wondering how to deal with another intolerable situation.  BUT that’s changed!!

The sun is shining again:

More than 60 percent of U.S. residents approve of the job President Barack Obama has done in his first six months in office, a Gallup Poll indicates.Sixty-three percent of respondents approve of Obama’s performance, results released Monday indicate.

Gallup tracks Obama’s overall job approval ratings each day as part of Gallup Poll Daily tracking. Since June, Obama’s approval rating slipped into the 50s, sinking to 52 percent in late July before making a modest recovery to the mid- to upper-50s in recent days, pollsters said.

Hooray!  The country may do the right thing after all, if not right now at least we’re getting together on who is going in the right direction.

Now, should ‘Obama’ have been red?

News Flash: Cause of glass ceiling, lower pay, injustice against women discovered!

So why do women end up with all this junk to deal with?  The answer:   We underestimate ourselves!

A new study shows female managers are more than three times as likely as their male counterparts to underrate their bosses’ opinions of their job performance.

And the conclusion:

“Women have imposed their own glass ceiling, and the question is why,” said Scott Taylor, an assistant professor at the University of New Mexico Anderson School of Management who conducted the study.

And it turns out there’s an age difference; women over fifty are much more like to be among the underestimaters.  Thus:

”Younger women tended not to be as off-base in their predictions than middle-aged or senior women,” Taylor said.

Taylor said managers may need to learn better ways to communicate to female employees that they are valued. Women may need to learn how to better seek positive and critical feedback, he said.

Taylor says the findings could indicate why many women don’t rise to head companies or why there is a wage disparity between men and women.

This could all make one quite cross.  Female Science Professor points out that these results  are going to be presented today in Chicago at the annual Academy of Management conference; she remarks:

If anyone is going to be at this meeting in Chicago today and if it’s not too late, maybe someone can ask Professor Taylor if he has any alternative hypotheses that might also explain his data.

Here’s one alternative hypothesis:  there’s a common cause for lower prestige (position, pay) and lower expectations.  Women (and others) are, as we have discussed time and again, the subject of implicit biases that lead to a chronic underestimation of their value in the workplace.  Over time that becomes internalized.  It would be hard for it not to.

Anyway,  poor Taylor, he  may reckon his career will be helped by media attention.  And  media attention has focused on this.

Creepy Girls’ Toy

Okay, this doesn’t quite fit out gendered toys mould. But it’s really creepy! Does it make it better or worse that the boy is also being married off in infancy?

baby born wedding(This is Jender’s find, I believe. I have to admit: I had a dolly with a wedding dress as a child, and it’s never occurred to me since that it was a bit wrong. Grant it, mine was a little girl doll, not a little bald baby doll. …That probably doesn’t make it better.)

We Need Your Help: Women Philosophers of Religion?

Hi all, a reader who wishes to remain anonymous has come to me with the following problem: her/his colleague is putting together a [book, conference, whatever] on the theme of Philosophy of Religion. This colleague has thusfar devised a list of 19 names in Philosophy of Religion and–despite seemingly setting out explicitly to achieve gender balance–has managed only one woman on this list of 19.

Anonymous reader asks if you her/his fellow readers might please help out by dropping names of women doing quality work in Philosophy of Religion?

(Also, Anon is interested in names of non-Christian Philosophers of Religion, just to super balance the pool!)

Thanks everyone!