Creepy Girls’ Toy

Okay, this doesn’t quite fit out gendered toys mould. But it’s really creepy! Does it make it better or worse that the boy is also being married off in infancy?

baby born wedding(This is Jender’s find, I believe. I have to admit: I had a dolly with a wedding dress as a child, and it’s never occurred to me since that it was a bit wrong. Grant it, mine was a little girl doll, not a little bald baby doll. …That probably doesn’t make it better.)

8 thoughts on “Creepy Girls’ Toy

  1. Well… besides the eyes (I think), I can’t really tell them apart, so maybe its a butch femme couple. Actually the longer I look at them the queerer they become.

    More to the point: “Does it make it better or worse that the boy is also being married off in infancy?” Of course it’s worse. Forcing anyone into a situation they’re not old enough to comprehend or consent to does violence to them, irrespective of gender.

  2. yes they do look the same. and now i think of it, i don’t think that baby born dolls (which is what these are) are anatomically correct. i wonder do they sell them as boys and girls. i’ll have to look it up!

    so far as whether it’s better or worse, one might think, for example, that if you’re ‘marrying’ an infant girl to an infant boy it’s not quite so terrible as if you marry an infant girl to, say, a 40-year-old man. but yes you’re right that the boy baby dressed up for marriage is just as awful as the girl baby so. quite right.

  3. It might be a very subtle reductio. One argument against gay marriage is that it would mean we’d have to legitmize all sorts of other things, such as incest.

    So one can see this as saying: Incest can be very cute.

    (Maybe I should say I’m trying to be cute here myself.)

  4. Why think these dolls are getting married? A more reasonable interpretation is that these are ringbearer/flowergirl dolls – roles much more appropriate to young children. Problematically sexist, perhaps, but not quite as creepy.

  5. jj: ew.
    jender: thanks for clarification: thanks heather!
    rc: she has a veil. i think it would be hard to pretend she’s not the bride. but you’re right, if you could, it would still be objectionable, but much less so!

  6. that’s true. but do they carry a bouquet? (i have to admit, baby in first communion sort of creeps me out too.)

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