Obama’s poll numbers climbing

(I accidentally found the color map again; hence, the following is color/coloured coded.  It may be tacky, but it’s my tacky.  The quotes are from UPI.)


It is bad enough  to hear Sarah Palin assert that the President plans on having death squads decide whether the disabled and the  elderly will get medical care; what’s worse is the thought that ordinary citizens believe her.  And some certainly do. 

So when the news that Obama’s poll numbers were slipping finally sunk in, many of us surely were once again wondering how to deal with another intolerable situation.  BUT that’s changed!!

The sun is shining again:

More than 60 percent of U.S. residents approve of the job President Barack Obama has done in his first six months in office, a Gallup Poll indicates.Sixty-three percent of respondents approve of Obama’s performance, results released Monday indicate.

Gallup tracks Obama’s overall job approval ratings each day as part of Gallup Poll Daily tracking. Since June, Obama’s approval rating slipped into the 50s, sinking to 52 percent in late July before making a modest recovery to the mid- to upper-50s in recent days, pollsters said.

Hooray!  The country may do the right thing after all, if not right now at least we’re getting together on who is going in the right direction.

Now, should ‘Obama’ have been red?

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