Women Boxers Need Boy Cheerleaders!

A group of boys from Leeds have wowed judges at an international cheerleading competition in Coventry.

The Peewee Boyz, who are thought to be the only boys’ cheerleading group in Europe, won third prize at the International Cheer Championships in July.

I’m not going to show this video to my preschool-aged son. I would never hear the end of the whinging for sparkly purple pompoms.

5 thoughts on “Women Boxers Need Boy Cheerleaders!

  1. oh. you’ve totally ruined it for me. (not that it was ever perfect. i was thinking of it as the slightly-icky boy analog to the slightly-icky women boxers news.)

  2. I’m so sorry! Maybe the thing to do is to thik of Bush as showing that even though the little boys are cute, it is icky after all.

    And I’m sure he was no where near as cute as these little boys. Or maybe he way, which might be much worse.

  3. Do you know that when cheerleading first started, it was an all-boy thing. Only later did it get linked to girls.

  4. ql: interesting. do you know when and why the switch, and was there a transitional period when it was mixed?

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