The Field Negro: Another Blog

There are some wonderful not-especially-feminist blogs that we never mention.  Sometimes they are full of facts and attitudes that are very important, even if they aren’t visible enough to too many of us philosophy professors.** If you know of any other examples, I’d appreciate hearing from you.  Perhaps in comments here?

Supposing others join in and we get a series going, we’re starting it with the Field Negro.  Why?  Well, in addition to his being generally very funny and smart, there are  some other reasons: 

  • Are you aware that 9 women have gone missing from a small North Carolina town in the last 4 years?  6 bodies have been recovered.  Of course, they were far from pretty college ‘girls’, so I guess the news and law enforcement aren’t going to blast the story all over.  Looks like a serial killer, but … .
  • The First Family went to Yosemite!  What sort of links might camping and cooking out call up in the minds of slaves’ descendants?   And what does that mean for black kids?
  • And another instance of profiling by the police:
And apparently Cambridge, Massachusetts isn’t the only place with nosy neighbors. They are in Long Branch, New Jersey as well. Bob [Dylan] was checking out some shore digs (Are you sure that’s all you were looking for Bob? Aren’t you on tour with Willie Nelson?) and Ms. Kravtiz number two called the po po on him. “Sir, do you have any ID on you? Ahh, no officer, but I could sing a bar or two of Blowin in the Wind for you…. Now, to be fair, the poor officer was only 22 years old, so she can probably be excused for not recognizing the aging troubadour. Kids!
Still, this looks like a case of reverse profiling to me. Dylan was in the Latin part of town, and they say he “didn’t fit in”. Hey, I am trying to be consistent here. If I am going to get pissed when nosey neighbors profile a black man, why not call out nosey neighbors when they profile aging rockers? It just ain’t right. And on the 40th anniversary of Woodstock to boot. Is nothing sacred in A-merry-ca anymore?
See field , this is how you act when the police approach you. Not like you black people and make national headlines out of the whole deal. The man took the police to his tour bus and showed proper ID. That’s all. No “do you know who I am?” “Why are you profiling the black man?”None of that crap! This is how you act civil in A-merry-ca. You Negroes can be so angry all the time.
What a country. Can you imagine if Jimi Hendrix was still alive?
And let me urge readers to have a look at field’s response to the idea of Death Panels.  Plus, there’s lots more, including health care’s version of Joe the Plumber. 
**This is not an intended reference to the overwhelming whiteness of our field.