A different twist on sex/gender and sports

In the endless discussions of Caster Semenya (for a really excellent one see here), the claim is often made that women would never pose as men for sporting purposes as they’d only lose if they competed against men. There’s nothing like a real-life counterexample fo knock down such a myth. So I give you Rena Kanokogi, who posed as a man 50 years ago to win a judo championship. She was stripped of her medal once her sex was known, and became a campaigner for equality, eventually getting women’s judo added to the Olympics. Her medal has now been restored.
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3 thoughts on “A different twist on sex/gender and sports

  1. Here’s something else that’s interesting–wish I could find the ref. Originally sharp-shooting, like equestrian events was a unisex. Then a woman won and separate men’s and women’s competitions were immediately established.

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