“Why Women’s Rights are the cause of our times”

The title to this post announces the central theme of Sunday’s New York Times Magazine.  The remarkable  publication reflects what we noted just recently in comments on one of the articles; namely, the realization that the key  to solving many of the political problems in the world lies with the too often powerless.  explorision

The subtitles in the magazine range from the positive (a multi-media presentation):

How educating girls and empowering women can help fight poverty and extremism

To the less positive:

Why has development in India and China led to even more discrimination against girls?

Along with the questioning:

How a hybrid ideology — one that advocates the use of force to liberate Muslim women from persecution and burkas — evolved online.

One gets the sense that a lot of this impetus for this edition is due to Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn.  Multi-kudos to them and the NY Times.

I’ve mentioned perhaps half of the articles.  Taken together they set an agenda.  YES!

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  1. Fantastic! And thanks to Hippocampa as well, whose email about this didn’t get read till the post was up.

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