5 thoughts on “Discrimination? Nah.

  1. I amrather appalled at the idea that going to the restroom is something you’d have to announce to your employer in the first place.
    Do you need to announce, too, whether you’re going to… ehm, never mind. It’s just a completely alien concept to me.

  2. According to the article, going to the restroom is not something you have to announce to Isotoner unless you’re going to the restroom to, say, pump breast milk.

    I can certainly see the potential for it affecting one’s performance at work. I guess it could reasonably be 15-30 minutes per session four times per day, which amounts to an hour or two less work – somewhat different than typical restroom breaks. On the other hand, it’s hard to see what alternative she should be asked to take.

  3. Have you ever worked with smokers? I’m not sure about every company’s policy but I’ve worked in plenty of businesses where smokers wander outside on an hourly basis for a 5 min smoke break without raising an eyebrow.

  4. I am unproductive for a while after lunch, between 2 and 3.
    The assumption here is, too, that while this woman was pumping milk for the future generation that will pay for our pensions (ehem, ok, that was manipulative!), she is not being productive.
    Personally, I have great insights when having a quiet moment that requires toilet paper, but that’s just me. I guess.

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