The Sunday cat acknowledges that cats can learn tricks

but only in Russia!

More tricks  are in this video:

I’ve seen the troup above and, as I remember, there was a lot of cats-going-from-A-to-B.   Now, it is wonderful to get cats to run on demand from A to B, but it isn’t necessarily all that great to watch.  A more intense performance from another troup can be found  here.

3 thoughts on “The Sunday cat acknowledges that cats can learn tricks

  1. the tricks my cats have learned is to try to trip me over when their food bowl is empty. Or not filled with something they fancy at that moment.
    As a matter of fact, my cats regularly inform me that they haven’t been fed for 3 weeks. This happens more often than once every 3 weeks, so I think I can be sure they are trying to fool me. However, I still feed them. So that’s a neat trick.
    Cats. What can I say?

  2. H, I was looking recently at the pic of your beautiful cats you sent for the cat week.

    My cats have two water bowls, one upstairs and one down. If the upstairs bowl is empty, Tarry will start to bang it against the wall. Basil meanwhile continually threatens to run out and eat lizards. Ugh!

  3. Lol jj!
    My cats can go out whenever they want… I live in a marsh, there’s water Everywhere… and yet, they get upset when the waterbowl is… well, not empty, but … you know, it’s been sitting there for a few hours?
    Obviously, their preferred source of drinking water is the toilet.
    So I keep the lids down.
    Yes. I have pedigrees. Why?
    (lol, because I am allergic to other brands of cats, but not to rexes).

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