The Sunday Cat is Theorized!

Yes, there is something  at least close to a philosophy of cats.  Perhaps even a new Area of Competence.  (Graduate students going on the market:  such an AOC would make your cv stand out for sure.  Maybe not in a good way, though.)

Here it is:


Here’s the link.  Just in case clicking on the pic doesn’t work.

There’s also some suggestion that cats can make you a better philosopher.

Thanks to Calypso for the alert.

The superior wife?

Carin Rubenstein’s new book “The Superior Wife Syndrome” is due to be released next week.  According to the book’s website, “this book will make it clear why wives are better than husbands in so many ways; and it will also show you the many reasons why that’s a problem that needs to be fixed.”  Although the website doesn’t hint at how to fix it, the book apparently covers that, too.  A newspaper article about the book says that Rubenstein thinks that women should use their superiority in order to retrain their husbands.  One way of doing this, it seems, is to reward him with sex.  ” ‘He’s like a two-year-old child,” [Rubenstein] says of most husbands. “You have to offer him a piece of candy. You have to work with rewards that are going to work. Sex is one of those.’ “