The Sunday Cat is Theorized!

Yes, there is something  at least close to a philosophy of cats.  Perhaps even a new Area of Competence.  (Graduate students going on the market:  such an AOC would make your cv stand out for sure.  Maybe not in a good way, though.)

Here it is:


Here’s the link.  Just in case clicking on the pic doesn’t work.

There’s also some suggestion that cats can make you a better philosopher.

Thanks to Calypso for the alert.

2 thoughts on “The Sunday Cat is Theorized!

  1. Ah yes, who could forget Tomcat Nagel’s famous paper, “What Is It Like to Be a Cat?” in which he argued that non-cats would never know how awesome being a cat really is…

  2. Carl, there is in fact a great article in the book about almost exactly that. It’s by Josh Weisberg.

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